The Freebox (Mini 4K – Delta – Revolution) has a handy feature (Upload Manager) that allows you to upload files (Movies, Albums, Movies, Applications, …) via the BitTorrent network. This feature also allows you to upload without turning on your computer because the files are directly uploaded to the hard drive of your Freebox (Internal Hard Drive or USB key).

The Freebox is a very powerful and easy to use device.

As with all Torrent software you must secure your Torrent Manageréléload which is likely to be monitored. The use of a VPN is today the best solution to download torrents. Whether it is with a software such as uTorrent or with Freebox it is necessary to use a VPN compatible P2P en le Surfshark VPN avis en France.

The developers of the Freebox have thought of everything because they have integrated a VPN client.

A VPN client allows you to establish an encrypted connection with a VPN server. By setting up the VPN client of your Freebox with a VPN server located in a foreign country the downloads you will make directly from the Freebox will be secured. In addition, it is no longer your IP address that will be exposed on the Internet but that of the VPN server, thus increasing your privacy with Surfshark VPN @ Turkiye.

Configure the Freebox VPN client

The Freebox intègre a VPN client and a Transfer manager own Freebox OS. It is necessary to install directly the sécurization file (file .ovpn) of the VPN on the client of the Freebox.

This is done three very simple steps:

  1. Choose the configuration file of the country you want to connect to with your Freebox and then Tél upload the configuration files .ovpn on the site of your VPN.
  2. Configure the VPN client of the Freebox in the Freebox Paramètres. In most cases the configuration files are not compatible. That’s why I have detailed for the 3 best Freebox VPNs the changes to make:NordVPN – Private Internet Access – IPVanish.
  3. Now you need to select the Transfer Manager as the application that will use the VPN connection. Torrent uploads performed by the manager will now be protected by the VPN. Now go to the Applications tab and check the Downloads Manager box.
  4. To check that your VPN connection is active, go to the VPN connection status tab.<nbsp;VPN client active should show «Yes». Once all this is done, you will be able to téléupload Torrents files. To do this, always in Freebox OS, go to uploads and then click on New upload. The most professional will configure the monitored folder to automate this launch with the VPN murah @ Indonesia.